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Posted on 2008.01.01 at 01:22
current mood: cheerfulcheerful
happy new year!

may peace be with you all in the coming year~

insha'allah this year i will do better with people, do better with arabic, and remember always to relax and just live



Posted on 2007.12.30 at 15:23
current mood: confusedconfused
I don't know. So many people have jobs, or are getting jobs. Most haven't graduated yet. I know what I want to do, sure, but have no working plans.

Don't know where to start.

There are things I want to change, but don't know if I'm strong enough. Or if I'm willing to accept what follows. (stop worrying) I worry a lot now, though. Now that I have something...

Need to keep reading, keep studying, keep focusing-but-not-focusing. It (whatever "it" is) is what it is, and that's all there is to it. Accept and continue forward.

All that we are this time...but how does the rest of the song go?

Time to paint.

Posted on 2007.12.24 at 22:47
current mood: amusedamused
merry christmas, to those of you who celebrate!

we should all remember that this is the season for much eating, especially the eating of candy, holiday-related or otherwise.


What Do You Have To Say? - Give Me Something To Believe In

Posted on 2007.11.29 at 21:30
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What do you believe in?

experience the present, for it is all there is, and never have regrets.



Posted on 2007.06.19 at 17:54
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current music: smoke ~ alkaline trio
when the thunder occurs at the same time as the lightning, that's bad news.

it's worse news when you're walking home.



Towel Day

Posted on 2007.05.25 at 12:58
current mood: busybusy
current music: ben tabii ki ~ umit sayin
for all of those that know and love the works of Douglas Adams (of Hitchhiker's Guide fame) today we mourn his passing. To mark such an occasion, it is Towel Day. if you have to ask...well, don't. but read this:



ave maria

Posted on 2007.04.29 at 22:05
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i closed my eyes when i heard ave maria and something lifted me up. sadly, the song ended.

i've been thinking about all the things i want to be able to say to people. the things i'm afraid to say, the things i don't think are polite to say, the things i'm too shy to say. so here is some of it, in no particular order. these are just words, but if you think they apply to you, more power to you. i even cut it, so you don't have to look if you don't want.

the quiet things that no one ever knowsCollapse )

i'm already counting the days until i go back. i didn't particularly leave on the best note, and so i'm not particularly happy to be here. there needs to be some kind of plan created, so that things actually get done. hopefully i can keep myself busy enough. if not, well...twelve days.

Posted on 2007.03.09 at 09:42
current mood: awakeawake
happy birthday seiji kun :D



Posted on 2007.01.23 at 22:17
current mood: tiredtired
today was something else. i had a great morning, lots of niceness. i had my appointment, and had some very nice conversation with LaShonda, the receptionist. i love her name. got introduced to a new book, and new theory, a new outlook. i'm very interested to try it out for myself. and buying a book for fun never bothers me XD unless it's a computer book, which are expensive. there are one or two, i could stand to get, too.

and then the later morning, after that. i was in such a good mood. i'm almost at my apartment, and this guy comes out from my building. he starts off all friendly, although he's dressed like...the less desirable humans back home. he starts talking about how he's in some entrepreneurship deal, and would i like to buy some magazines? i tell him no, he keeps at it. i keep telling him no, i don't have any checks up here, or cash currently, i have my magazines. but he startes writing up some invoice-type slip. then he tells me that since he wrote it already, i either buy magazines or he has to pay 25$. so i continue telling him nothx. he says, well why don't you check your apartment? and i say no, i have to go. and he follows me. so by now i was pretty scared. i go to my place, and he asks if it would be all right to come in. i say not really, and he comes in anyway. so now i'm placing my knives and asking alfred to come over. once alfred gets here, the guy leaves, but he seems pretty pissed. telling me how now he has to pay 25$ thanks and that he knows i have checks.

when i didn't stop crying, we went to resident services, and they called the police. so now, bascially, if i see this guy on any UCF-owned property, he can be arrested. but he was scary! so i want to tell all my friends so they can be safe, too. he is a fairly short hispanic male (i say fairly short because while we were talking i thought to myself "for a fully grown male, he's quite short"). he does not dress professionally. think oversized shirt, baggy pants, and backwards hat. his name is marco.

that is all.


i'll clone you dinner

Posted on 2007.01.06 at 12:06
current mood: thoughtfulthoughtful
i love slate. the news with an intellectually humourous twist. i'm reading the article on the fda approving clones on the table (clone, it's what's for dinner), and some things are just awesome. i feel i should share:

Which came first, the steer or the steak?

Case in point: Elvis. He's a 19-month-old Angus calf. Elvis was cloned from a side of Prime Yield Grade 1 beef. No joke: The calf came from the beef. If you like that side of beef and want another just like it, we can grow it for you. A steer from a steak from a steer. Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has re-entered the building.

now, that's only part of the article, but that was definately the best part. and the most interesting. will it get to the point where, if you find a steak you really like, you can ask the waiter to clone you some more? i'm fairly sure we'll do it with other animals, too. now we don't have to worry about an animal being endangered to enjoy it for dinner. we just have to get to the point where we can easily clone from live animals. but really, you don't eat the clone. you eat the clone's offspring. apparently, normal mating from cloned animals cleans up any "programming errors" that occur during the cloning process. which is interesting in itself, almost a reset button on genes.

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